Today Lillian gained 56 grams in one day!  That’s equivalent to two ounces!  I hardly recognize her. For the first time in her life, she has a round belly and fleshy arms and legs.

When Lillian was two and three months old, ages when babies typically average weight gain of an ounce a day, we were lucky if Lillian gained even half an ounce a day.  More often she averaged a third of an ounce a day.  One week, at four months old, she gained only 1.2 ounces over seven days.  That was all when she was being fed with the g-tube, the whole purpose of which was to make sure she got adequate nutrition.  So two ounces in one day is amazing.  Granted she’s still making up for lost time.  During her wean, she lost four ounces and took sixteen days to return to the weight she was at the start of the wean.  But considering concern about weight loss is one of the biggest cons of a rapid wean approach, Lillian’s rapid weight gain now is reinforcement of the value of this approach.  If this trend of weight gain continues, or even a fraction of this weight gain rate, the temporary weight loss will be more than worth it in order to reverse the poor weight gain Lillian experienced with tube feeding.

What’s so interesting about Lillian’s weight gain is that, with the exception of one day so far, she’s consuming significantly less daily volume than when she was being tube fed.  That seems to suggest how much better food is digested and absorbed when it’s eaten orally on demand rather than force fed straight into the stomach.  I asked Lillian’s medical professionals multiple times if the fact her food was bypassing her mouth contributed to how much she was throwing up.  Each one of them denied that it played a major factor.  Clearly, in Lillian’s case it was the contributing factor.


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